22170 N Burma Rd, Ramona, CA 92065, USA

22170 N Burma Rd
Ramona, CA 92065

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Enjoy the solitude of the country in the custom built home with 2.4 acres of beautiful land. Just 7 min from downtown Ramona, this 2 bedroom plus loft home has new flooring, abundant windows and 2 fenced yards. The owners built a beautiful wall around the property for fire safety as well as old world charm. The property is planted with many different types of trees and cactus.It has a chicken coop that is the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. On the hill behind the house you will will find a gazebo with a gorgeous view perfect for morning coffee or evening dinners while enjoying the fresh air and singing birds. On the edge of Pamo Valley, this home is secluded enough for maximum privacy. This home is on septic and has a well, and has been planted for water conservation. There are custom wood cabinets in the large kitchen made from solid oak. The laundry room is right off the kitchen.The home has four storage buildings and two large carports. There is also a large greenhouse in the back yard, a shaded pergola, and beautiful flowers planted all over the property. It is truly an oasis!Move here and enjoy the country life.

This has been our dream home and property, but it is now time to retire and move closer to our son.
The driveway easement has a small carve out to accommodate a huge eucalyptus tree. We worked hard to save that beautiful tree. There are owls in that area.
As you go through the gate, you’ll see the solar panels on the left... sometimes, the meter runs backward...April is a good month for that! The panels were installed in 2003; the inverter was replaced in 2022.
The fenced area to the left of the gate as you drive in is about a half acre. We installed it when we had two large dogs. In it, is an approximately 100 square foot building that we created as a chicken coop, though it’s been empty for years. It could be a garden building or even a home office. There is a fenced yard attached. There is also a 3,000 gallon cistern attached to a rain collection system.
There are four 10’ by 12’ sheds for storage, workshops, etc.
Twenty-two years ago, the only two trees on the property were those two eucalyptus trees between the gate and the solar panels.
The pine trees are mostly Aleppo Pines grown at Pine Tree Acres nearby on Haverford Road. They were Christmas trees
Near those original eucalyptus trees are a few small rainbow eucalyptus from Hawaii.
The Christmas-tree looking trees near the well house are Cedars of Lebanon. The small grove of oaks were grown from acorns. Quail roost there at night.
The cedar by sheds near the carport was also a Christmas tree. The Chinese Pistache (spelling) by the living room will be a green canopy in summer, provide a bit of fall color, then contribute to the ground cover in winter.
There are a number of trees grown from seeds picked up here and there.
The wood chips around the house have been replenished every few years.
All those walls... we put in the ones right by the house to make a yard. Those big walls up behind the house were made with insurance money after the Witch fire. We were highly impressed by the charred wood caught in the chain link fence and realized that walls would catch more! A neighbor said that he watched the fire approach the house from both front and back and meet over the roof! We had shut EVERY window before leaving, so the fire had no entry point; also, it was air tight. for days after we returned the inside smelled fresh even though the outside smelled like ashes.There are occasional openings in the wall for the local rabbits to use.
The benches will be left for you; they are wonderful places to sit and listen to the birds.You’ll see blue jays, reddish finches, yellowish finches, doves, quail, grosbeaks, hummingbirds, and orioles.
The not-quite-attached porch has a cat door so that our cat could get to her window seats and litter box. We also kept a chest freezer there, our generator (the cord went nicely through the access tunnel to power things in the house as needed), plants, bird food, and garden tools.
The greenhouse in the back keeps the rabbits and birds out. Few bees come in, but plants that don't need bees thrive...tomatoes, basil, and flowers were our usuals. There are natural holes in the cinder blocks along the edges of the big front section. We planted morning glories in the outer ones and moss roses in the inner ones for a beautiful display. The main planting area was filled with whatever looked good at the garden store each year or whatever seeds we were given; we put tomatoes and basil in the large pots. It’s a nice place to sit and relax.
The well offers a couple hundred gallons per day. Since we didn't want grass or a pool, that has not been aproblem for us.
The planting areas around the house are full of lavender, iris, and succulents that grow well in the yard's conditions. We would water them sporadically until hot weather, then water more or less weekly.
Up behind the house is a gazebo that catches the afternoon breeze and offers beautiful views. It’s about 100 square feet.
The foundation is extra thick. We’ve rarely felt earthquake tremors that the neighbors felt.
When the front door is open, the security screen door brings in fresh air and constant birdsong.
The kitchen and bathroom cabinets were made by Benevides Woodworking from oak boards, not ordering premade cabinet doors. We just restained them.I used to oil them with furniture oil occasionally.
The loft is a wonderful multi-purpose area! We've used it as a play area, party location, meeting place for a weekly group, library, a place to work on long projects, extra sleeping area, exercise room, home office...
The master bath has two doors. bathroom... We usually kept the door into the hallway closed because only the lady of the house used that bathroom; however, when we had guests, we'd close the sliding door and the bedroom door allowing easy access to just the bathroom.
In the kitchen island, there's an outlet. It’s a very handy place to use a plug-in wok, waffle maker, bread machine, or crock pot.
There is no whole-house air conditioner. We occasionally used a portable air conditioner that vented out behind the wood-burning stove. Generally, if you open the loft windows to let the hot air out, the house is pleasant. The front bedroom's air conditioner is old, but really puts out the cold air! There is also an air conditioner in the master bedroom.
There is a propane whole-house heater with controls in the hallway; remember to close those loft windows!
The wood-burning stove can heat the whole house; we'd usually end up opening a loft window or two to let the excess hot air out! Having the glass door on the wood-burning stove is lovely.
The closet under the stairs is very handy; we had shelves along the left side and used it as an extra pantry and craft storage area.
The dining room was designed with my china hutch in mind; it was nicely framed by the two narrow windows.

  • $697,900
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1,856 Sq/ft
  • Lot 2.4 Acres
  • 10 Parking Spots
  • Built in 2000
  • MLS: PTP2202400



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